Cosmic Fever

To venture forth into the gulfs of limitless space!

Luke Skywalker
4 May
Thirteen-year-old Luke Skywalker. Known as "Wormie" to some of his peers.

He's not had all that much happen to him, compared to later, but there have been a few stories, and the handful of comics he's starred in at this age are in his journal. Luke Skywalker's Walkabout, Falling Star, and Sandstorm.

Luke Skywalker: Detective, or some version of it, hasn't happened to him yet, but it's archived anyway.

Also, even when he's old enough to know better, he has no sense of style.
aunt beru, being a pilot, biggs darklighter, building things, camie, dewbacks, finding a better place, fixer, great chott salt flat, huey, learning about my father, learning to fly, moisture vaporators, not being stuck here, not getting grounded, not krayt dragons, not marauding womp rats, not tusken raiders, sand, shooting a blaster rifle, space, speeder bikes, tagging womp rats, target practice, tatooine, the outer rim, traveling, uncle owen, wandering, windom starkiller